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Partnering to care for kids with cancer

No one fights childhood cancer alone. We have an incredible team of care providers and researchers, but what we do in the MACC Fund Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders isn’t possible without the support of our valued philanthropic partners.

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Royalty's Story

Living with a chronic disease can be tiring and painful but Royalty doesn’t let that change her outlook on life. Along with her younger sister Brilliancee, she hosts a YouTube channel sharing positive stories from around the world.

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Dylan's Story

The Pogodzinski’s were getting ready for a trip to Disney World when they noticed something strange about their usually energetic 5-year-old Dylan. After seeing their pediatrician, the Pogodzinski’s were directed to the Children’s Emergency Department and Trauma Center (EDTC).

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Your Impact: COVID-19 Response Fund

"There is HOPE in COMMUNITY." - Christie Nelson, Children's Wisconsin, Supply Chain Manager, who helped facilitate your many donations of PPE.

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Holden's story

Lauren and Jim tried for many years to have a child until Holden, their miracle baby, finally arrived. Then one night, at 3 months old, pediatric emergency care was needed to save Holden’s life.

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Jadyn’s Story

As a freshman in high school, Jadyn developed chronic migraine headaches so severe that she took a leave from school. Donor support ensured she could get the care she needed at the Jane B. Pettit Pain and Headache Center at Children’s Wisconsin and not miss out on life. Read her full story here.

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How a single test tube of breast milk changed how we care for families

In 2015, thanks in large part to donor support, Children’s opened a state-of-the-art milk kitchen. And one little girl in particular played a pivotal role.

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Tommy's story

Around the 20th week of pregnancy, Caitlin and Evan learned that their baby's heart wasn't forming correctly. Baby Tommy was diagnosed with a heart defect where the arteries are connected to the heart abnormally.

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Takiya and our school-based mental health program

Watch this video to learn how our school-based mental health program, made possible by the support of our donors, is helping kids like Takiya.

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    Give every child a fighting chance

    The generous support of our donors helps us achieve the impossible every day. Help us do more.