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Honor Peggy Troy

The Peggy Troy Accelerator for Healthiest Kids: A legacy to ensure a brighter future for Wisconsin’s kids.

From starting as a Children’s pediatric nurse to serving for more than 15 years as President and CEO, Peggy’s visionary leadership, dedication to pediatric health care, and profound impact on Children’s Wisconsin and our community have left an immeasurable mark that we wish to commemorate.

Under Peggy’s leadership, the system has reached greater heights in expanding our footprint and driving innovation that cares for every aspect of a child’s health — physical, social, mental and dental.

In honor and celebration of Peggy Troy’s legacy, Children’s Wisconsin established the Peggy Troy Accelerator for Healthiest Kids.

This initiative embodies Peggy’s unwavering commitment to doing more for kids, ensuring we meet families where and when they need it most for generations to come.

“What I want people to remember is that we have a great vision, we have a solid mission, and we help thousands of people because we can drive in a way that is purposeful and focused on what is really important to families.” – Peggy Troy

Peggy Troy’s transformative impact

With a steadfast vision to make Wisconsin’s kids the healthiest in the nation, Peggy has worked tirelessly to ensure all children reach their fullest potential. Peggy has been a guiding force behind so many milestones.

Learn more about the Peggy Troy Accelerator for Healthiest Kids and Peggy’s transformation impact at Children’s Wisconsin.

"Peggy is a transformational leader. Her vision to strive to make our kids the healthiest in the nation set the bar high for all of us. Peggy helped us understand the criticality of including all aspects of health, including physical as well as mental and behavioral health, in our care delivery and in everything we do. Her profound impact is felt widely in endless ways and countless examples, one child, one family and one caregiver at a time. Always incorporating the perspective and influence as CEO, she’s led with the heart of a nurse and caregiver.”

- Mary Ellen Stanek - Grateful grandmother; Director, Foundation Board

Servant leadership through all odds

Peggy has led with impact and resilience, while shouldering significant external factors, including enhanced outpatient and virtual care options, financial constraints, quality pressures, and a global pandemic. She has fostered trust and collaboration among volunteer leaders, always prioritizing transparency, integrity and accountability across a complex health system. Because of Peggy, we are driven to do more for kids — ensuring that Children’s Wisconsin remains the region’s only independent health care system dedicated 100% to kids and teens.

Patrick Hammes

"Peggy has an extraordinary list of accomplishments during her 15 years with Children’s Wisconsin, but her unwavering focus on staying true to her north star — doing what’s best for the kids of Wisconsin — is what I most appreciate about Peggy’s leadership. Her commitment to kids made it easy to have a rewarding working relationship with Peggy and meant a great deal to me personally given the extent and complexity of care that Children’s provided for my family.”

Patrick Hammes
Grateful father
Chairman, System Board

"Peggy's leadership of Children's Wisconsin has had a profound, positive impact on the health of kids in Wisconsin, including my children and now grandchildren. Peggy lives the mission and vision of Children's, which is an inspiration to my family's desire to support the organization and perpetuate Peggy's focus on the whole health of a child."

Dave Werner
Grateful father and grandfather
Chairman, Foundation Board

Dave Werner

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