Endowed chairs

Generous donors make endowed chairs possible at Children’s Wisconsin. An esteemed honor, endowed chairs have a far-reaching impact on our families by fostering innovation, scholarship and research.

These special positions, honoring our pediatric caregivers, researchers and administrators are possible only because of your support. Your gifts help us attract the brightest minds in pediatric medicine and are imperative to continually provide the best care for kids. Endowed chairs provide a perpetual source of funding from investment earnings, while maintaining the principal. For more information on establishing an endowed chair, please contact the foundation.

Endowed chairs at Children's Wisconsin

  • The Albert O. Nicholas Endowed Chair in Heart Transplant
    Ronald K Woods, MD, PhD
  • The Alexander J. & Anita L. Costigan Chair-Blood Disorders & Cancers
    Amanda M Brandow, DO
  • The Barri L. Drury Endowed Chair for CRI Chief Scientific Officer
    Calvin B. Williams, MD, PhD
  • The Bauman Family Chair in Critical Care
    Michael T Meyer, MD
  • The Bleser Family Endowed Chair of Neurology
    Nancy Bass, MD
  • The Chucker Aring Chair in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
    Robert P. Chayer, MD
  • The Craig Yabuki Chair for MBH Research
    Michael S. Gaffrey, PhD
  • The D.B. and Marjorie Reinhart Chair in Rheumatology
    Calvin B. Williams, MD, PhD
  • The David A. Margolis Chair in Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant
    David A. Margolis, MD
  • The David J. and Barri L. Drury Chair in Pediatrics
    Interim Chair: David A. Margolis, MD
  • The Elsa B. and Roger D. Cohen MDs Chair for Medical Education
    Michael C Weisgerber, MD
  • The Heidi Marie Bauman Chair in Pediatric Neurology
    Matthew Harmelink, MD
  • The Iris and Luis Garcia Chair for Fetal Concerns
  • The James S. Tweddell Endowed Chair in Clinical Cardiac Research
    George M Hoffman, MD
  • The Jane B. Pettit Chair in Pediatric Pain Management
    Steven J. Weisman, MD
  • The John A. and Linda Mellowes Family Chair in Intensive Care
    Michael R Uhing, MD
  • The Jon E. Vice Chair for Emergency Medicine
    Amy L Drendel, DO
  • The Keith Oldham Endowed Chair in Surgery
    Dave R. Lal, MD
  • The Kerschner Family Chair for Pediatric Otolaryngology
  • The Leigh Gabrielle Herma Chair for Cardiology
    Peter J Bartz, MD
  • The Lynn S. Nicholas Endowed chair in Suicide prevention research
  • The Mardak & Vandenberg Family Chair for Pediatric Neurosurgery
    Sean M. Lew, MD
  • The Marie Z. Uihlein Chair in Pediatric Surgery
    David M Gourlay, MD
  • The Max McGee Chair in Diabetes Research
    Martin J. Hessner, PhD
  • The Max McGee Endowed Chair for Patient Care in Diabetes
  • The Muma Family Chair in Neonatology
    Girja Ganesh Konduri, MD
  • The Patricia & Paul Jones Endowed Chair in ACHD
    Scott B Cohen, MD
  • The Peter Sommerhauser Chair for Cardiac Quality of Life
    Joy Lincoln, PhD
  • The Rebecca Jean Slye Chair in Oncology
    Cindy L Schwartz, MD
  • The S. Bert Litwin Chair in Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery
    Michael E Mitchell, MD
  • The Sophie Schroeder Chair
    Nancy K. Korom, MSN, RN, NEA-BC
  • The Sue & Bud Selig Research Chair for Child Abuse Prevention
    Lynn K Sheets, MD
  • The Zore Family Chair for Palliative Care
    Steven R Leuthner, MD