Thanks to you we're changing the checkup for kids!

The Change the Checkup Challenge raised over $5.2 million to address the pediatric mental and behavioral health crisis! The Yabuki Family Foundation donated $20 million ($5 million as a matching challenge). Gifts will place a mental health therapist at every Children’s primary and urgent care location. This program can only be sustained through continued support.


Turning tragedy to hope

See Jeff's journey with Children's Wisconsin


Jeff’s brother, Craig, died by suicide in 2017, and that experience has compelled him to a level of generosity that will dramatically accelerate this new standard of care, so other kids and families don’t have to endure the same trauma.

Trigger warning: This video contains content about suicide.

The Yabuki Family Foundation


About the crisis

Untreated mental and behavioral illnesses stand in the way of every dream we have for our children, as well as our mission for Wisconsin’s kids to be the healthiest in the nation.

1 in 5 Wisconsin children are living with a serious mental illness.

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among kids in the nation.

Wisconsin kids are hospitalized with mental health conditions at 4x the national rate.

Most mental and behavioral illnesses start in childhood. But treatment usually does not. With your ongoing support, we can change the conversation and change the checkup for kids and families by placing a therapist in every primary and urgent care location to address every aspect of health with our pediatricians.

Together, we can confront these illnesses when they begin.


About the solution

The challenge was the first critical step in bringing quality mental and behavioral care to every pediatrician’s office by helping to fund five key pieces of our comprehensive approach:

These critical pieces are only able to come together thanks to the Yabuki family’s gift — and can only be sustained because of you, our dedicated community. Will you help us achieve and sustain full-scale implementation by the end of 2023 and enrich the lives of hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of children by supporting this total approach to their health?

It's a groundbreaking endeavor; made possible through groundbreaking generosity.

Together, we can change the direction of young lives.

This approach will help turn the tide in a number of key areas:

Reduces risk of emotional and mental crises through early detection and intervention.

Confronts the stigma, shame and hesitancy many face with conditions like anxiety and depression by positioning them as routine parts of care.

Meets kids and families where they are so they are much more likely to get the care they need.

Two out of three kids on our waiting list for mental and behavioral health services are also patients in our primary care clinics. By placing a therapist in each clinic, we can significantly reduce this obstacle and give kids help where they need it most.


All this will happen one child at a time, with every kid and family that visits a pediatrician at Children's Wisconsin.

And that’s just the beginning as we create a whole new standard of care that will set the bar nationally.

If you or a member of your family need help with a mental and behavioral health issue, Children’s Wisconsin has resources to help you.
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