An update on Al’s Run & Walk

Brand new event will be held Saturday, Sept. 13, 2025

Als Run Walk

We are excited to share an update on our progress to evolve Al’s Run & Walk in a way that continues to celebrate our kids and caregivers.

After a year of listening to ideas from many stakeholders and beginning our planning, we are planning a brand new event that will take place, Saturday, Sept. 13, 2025. Mark your calendars and be ready to make new memories with us next year!

Working with past participants, sponsors, patient families and caregivers, we have heard enthusiasm to evolve and change the event, balanced with a desire to maintain what made Al’s Run & Walk so special:

  • An event that honors the bravest of kids and recognizes our incredible care teams.
  • A chance for the community to rally together to support the kids we care for.
  • An opportunity for patient families, businesses, community groups and others to form teams.
  • A uniquely Children’s Wisconsin experience that provides a memorable way to fundraise.

We are going to take the rest of 2024 to finalize details for the meaningful and fun changes we are making.

We look forward to sharing details of the new event during spring 2025! 

Frequently asked questions

Q: How did you make the decision to stop hosting Al’s Run & Walk? Were families and participants involved in the decision?

A: Patient families, sponsors, community members and other stakeholders helped to inform the decision. The decision to pause Al’s Run & Walk, and ultimately create a new event, was not made lightly.

Q: Why have you made the decision to stop hosting Al’s Run & Walk?

A: Al’s Run & Walk has been a memorable part of the journey for many people who have been impacted by Children’s Wisconsin. The decision to evolve the event was not made lightly and was finalized after meeting with and hearing from stakeholders. Some of the key factors that informed the decision are:

  • Event logistics and regulations to host the event have become increasingly complicated and costly. This significantly impacted the net amount of money the event raised.
  • Participation in the event has steadily declined for the past 15 years. After participation peaked at 30,000 in the late 1980s, we started to see a steady decline since the mid-1990s. More recently, 16,000 to 12,000 people participated in the event.
  • The increased cost of the event with decreased participation resulted in the event raising less dollars year-over-year.
  • Survey responses and feedback from patient families and past participants emphasized the importance of the having an event where they could express their support, with an openness to forgoing the run and walk component in the future. 

Q: Does this mean that Al’s Run & Walk will never come back?

A: Al’s Run & Walk has been an important event for our families to celebrate and recognize their journey, as well as a time for the community to rally together and fundraise for Children’s Wisconsin. We are committed to offering this new event which will honor and build off the legacy of Al’s Run & Walk.

Q: What is planned for 2025?

A: We have a lot of fun changes we are putting in place that incorporates feedback from stakeholders. We need the rest of 2024 to finalize details and look forward to sharing more in early 2025.

Q: What will the new event be and how will it honor the legacy of Al’s Run & Walk?

A: Details for 2025 are still being finalized. Al’s Run & Walk has provided an amazing legacy, and we will share how we plan to recognize that history when we announce the new event in 2025.

Q: With no event in 2024, what are other ways I can provide support or get involved to support the care that Children’s Wisconsin provides?

A: We are so thankful for all the families and community members who find ways to support and fundraise for Children’s Wisconsin. A few opportunities to stay involved this year include:

  • Create a team and fundraise to support the 26th annual WKLH Miracle Marathon presented by Mars Family Foundation. Form a team online and celebrate your group’s success May 16 and 17 when families and providers share their inspiring stories on the radio.
  • Start or support a community fundraiser.
  • Support a team or local high school football player in the Wisconsin Football Coaches Association All-Star Charity Game. More than 200 players fundraise for Children’s Wisconsin before the games on July 19 and 20, offering another fun and exciting time for your family and team to gather.
  • Choose your favorite game and fundraise through Extra Life.
  • Support the many fundraisers put on by Wisconsin businesses that benefit Children’s Wisconsin. 

Q: Is there someone I can contact to share my feedback about this decision?

A: Yes, you can share your thoughts and ideas to

Thank you for your continued support in helping us achieve our vision of making Wisconsin’s kids the healthiest in the nation.